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Here's what people are saying about these services

"I'm a veteran astrologer of 16 years. I grew up in the occult and ritual magic from age 12 on. I am very competitive with other astrologers and I hate on them quite a bit. I've only paid for 2 chart readings in my life and one of them was Brandon's. I've been having a very rough time and I've been through a lot of trauma in my life, so I really wanted a pair of fresh eyes on my chart. Brandon was so sensitive, reassuring, and validating of my experience and he also was able to put it in the context of traditional Hellenistic astrology. I used to see Brandon as a competitor, but after this reading I think of him as a good friend and trusted confidant.

I've been involved in spritual practice and study since I was a child and Brandon has a very wide depth of experience here, himself having been initiated into certain sprititual traditions. He was able to communicate with me as fellow traveler on the way and offer very useful advice on subjects like meditation and self-realization. I already knew that Brandon was well studied and I was pleasantly surprised to find him also such a good listener and a very compassionate person. I had a great time and he was insightful!"

Frankie Lynch

"Let me just say BIG Thank You Brandon.

I highly appreciate the insight and clarity you provided me. I was really stuck spinning my wheels on a issue I was sure was a lost cause. I struggled to find my true birth time for months so being able to look at the 3 charts and find “me” was everything.

Thank you for helping me sort out my situation & gain a far better perspective on things. I needed it.

Very important to “Know thy self”.

And this session did give me that.

The opportunity to be more clear about the person I really am at my core.

Really valuable and encouraging.

Thank you."

Alma Torres

I have had my chart analysed before, but Brandon was doing live readings and I was curious about what he had to say as I had seen him do various in depth analysis on a range of topics around social media, so I thought I would try it out. Prior to Brandon taking my chart live, he messaged me to tell me that some sensitive information had come out of my chart and asked if I would prefer to do it privately. This was a great indicator of Brandon’s skill and professionalism as he was sensitive to my trauma and that he could see the seriousness and extent of it throughout my life so easily.


Something that really stuck with me was that he saw that my “gifts” had come from the side of my family that I do not deal with due to trauma. This is not in anyway public knowledge and had never been touched on before. Brandon could see things about my life and children that were scarily accurate so we agreed to do another reading in private, a horary chart that viewed the upcoming year. Brandon touched on the court cases that were dealing with my marriage breakup and the abuses in it, I couldn’t understand why he was saying “mid year” when they were set for February.. well.. they got adjourned to mid year. Brandon also told me I would be dealing with significant health issues and surgery, but that I would be fine, just a hurdle, this was also given a timeframe. Not long after that I was diagnosed with cancer that requires operating, this all falls within Brandon’s time frames.


Brandon said so much that can only be described as mind blowingly accurate. He also carries with him a wealth of knowledge surrounding the mythology behind the astrology so you can really understand what is happening at an esoteric as well. Brandon is unbelievably gifted at his craft and a mere recommendation feels like an underrepresentation of his ability. I will be using Brandon’s services again.

Rebecca McCarthy

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