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Aldebaran Wealth Talismans

Earlier this week I made a batch of astrological talismans designed to bring the influence of the fixed star, Aldebaran, into their owners' lives. I've been making fixed star talismans for a while now and have been impressed enough with their effects that this time I made a point of making enough to offer up for sale. You can reach out via email if you're interested in picking one up for yourself, or you can check out my Etsy store.

Keep reading to see pictures and my product listing.

This is a ruby astrological talisman for wealth, honors, recognition, and status.  Elected according to the exacting rules of the medieval grimoire par excellence, Picatrix, the talisman is imbued with and radiates the properties of the fixed star, Aldebaran. According to tradition, the talisman provides a corporeal body to a "spirit of time." For that reason, the talismans of this tradition are generally regarded as living entities who work powerfully on behalf of their wearer and as accomplishing miraculous things. 

Like a mogwai, or any other magical creature, certain rules must be followed in order to properly care for your talisman. They must not come into contact with bodily fluids, waste, or anything unsanitary. You want them to be protected from dishwater, for example. They are said to work most powerfully when in contact with the owner's body (i.e. worn as jewelry), but they seem to still accomplish results in line with the nature of the spirit inhabiting them when carried as a pocket stone, in the wallet, or resting at home on an altar. 

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