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Natal Chart, Annual Profection, & Solar Return

For this consultation package, I analyze the natal chart to determine what motivates you, what your overall trajectory in life is, and work to get a sense of the relative ease or difficulty with which you will be able to accomplish the things you are driven to. Then I turn, or "profect" the natal chart to determine what planets, signs, and houses are activated as time lords in a given year and what major themes will manifest. I make a point of translating these symbolic themes into specific, tangible events as examples of how the archetypes indicated are likely to play out. I go one step further and analyze the solar return for the same year, which allows me to fine-tune my predictions.

1 hour  /   $200

What Will Happen this Year?

Relationship Reading
Birth chart Reading


These are my most popular services. Other services available by request.

Astronomical Clock

What are the Major Chapters in My Life?

1 hr/$200

Zodiacal Releasing

I use this techniques to identify further-reaching planetary time lords. They can provide information like periods of peak activity or inactivity, and periods that are experienced as good or bad. These periods of time span at least several years, on up to multiple decades. We can also see major life transitions using this technique. You have the option of looking at health and the physical body, career and mental pursuits, or love and romance. I can also make more specific predictions about the events that will occur during these periods or "chapters" by using an experimental technique that, as far as I know, is unique to me, and whose theory is sound, but no astrologer I'm aware of has yet tested extensively. Because of the unproven nature of this technique, you have the option of testing it out and taking these predictions with a grain of salt, or opting out of this aspect of the reading entirely. 

Distributions through the Bounds

This is another technique that informs us of time lords that are activated for intervals of time that span multiple years. This gives us additional, but fairly generalized insight into what planets and configurations present in the nativity are operative and working to fulfill the "natal promise." At any given time, we are given two planetary time lords that change at different rates and whose relationship to one another provides additional information about major turning points in our lives. 

yearly Transit Reading
Image by Lukas Tennie

When Should I Do the Thing?

0.5 hour / $75

Electional Astrology

We all have things we want to do and that we want to play out without a hitch. Maybe you want to get married, launch a business, release videos that will generate income, or buy a house. All of these things can be started at a time that aligns with what the stars signify at that exact moment, or one that does not align with those signs. Give your efforts their best chance at success by riding the currents of the universe instead of unwittingly battling them. 

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